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Improv for Business

Corporate training workshops can help your group by teaching improvisational acting techniques to build a better team, create more sales and grow.

The world moves at a faster pace than ever. Your team needs to be able to react instantly when faced with a challenge. Educating them to improvise professionally will make them better listeners, confident sales people and powerful speakers. Improv generates new ideas, promotes the idea of acceptance and builds on every idea offered without judgement.

Sick Puppies Comedy is the leader in interactive corporate services in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton and South Florida. We specialize in corporate training and corporate entertainment for both large and small organizations.

Sick Puppies Comedy’s improv professionals are the most experienced facilitators and performers in South Florida, and can offer an array of services for your next corporate function:

  • Corporate Shows

  • Improv for Business

  • Team Building

  • Public Speaking

  • Hosting and Emcee

  • Sales Training

  • Leadership Building

Program effective and interactive entertainment for your next corporate function with Sick Puppies Comedy. We will get your audience engaged, active and energized through interactive, improv-based programming, all while effectively communicating your message or agenda!

The Sick Puppies use professional improvisers that will train your company in the rules of improvisation, show them how it applies to your business and get them on their feet to practice. Every project is custom made to your needs.

Corporate Shows

Want to get your company’s attention? Sick Puppies Comedy’s shows are interactive and will get your event off to that great start, or end it with a big bang. Lighten up your corporate function or drive home your message with our fully customizable, interactive corporate improv shows. Sick Puppies Comedy has extensive experience in entertaining at corporate shows, and can customize a show for any age or taste, from G to R rated; you just tell us what kind of show you want!

Corporate Training

Featured in the Sun Sentinel and BocaMag, Sick Puppies Comedy’s business improv facilitators train your professionals in the principles of improvisation, show them how to use improvisation in the workplace, and then empower them to become more effective leaders and communicators with our corporate training program.

Team Building

Need to get everyone in the office back on the same page? Let Sick Puppies Comedy put the fun and team back into your office environment with its improv-based team building packages. Sick Puppies Comedy takes the pressure off of managers to lead team building exercises, and the expense of taking the staff out of the office for team building events, with its cost-effective customizable team building packages.


Need a front person to make your event come alive? Sick Puppies Comedy’s improv professionals can lead your next event, from banquets to conventions with professional English and Spanish delivery. Sick Puppies Comedy’s hosts and emcees can even work with you on programs and scripts for your event.

Sales Training

With over 20 years of experience, Sick Puppies Comedy has proven success with small and large businesses in helping them significantly increase their production using improv skills. With a background in auto, real estate, mortgage, insurance, retail and call centers, Sick Puppies will make sure that your or your team has an advantage over all other competition.

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