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Improv For Business

Corporate training workshops can help your group by teaching improvisational acting techniques to build a better team, create more sales and grow.

The world moves at a faster pace than ever. Your team needs to be able to react instantly when faced with a challenge. Educating them to improvise professionally will make them better listeners, confident sales people and powerful speakers. Improv generates new ideas, promotes the idea of acceptance and builds on every idea offered without judgement.

Sick Puppies Comedy is the leader in interactive corporate services in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach and South Florida. We specialize in corporate training and corporate entertainment for both large and small organizations locally and nationally.

Receive Your Improv Certification

Sick Puppies Comedy is the only improv organization in the country with the ability to certify for improvisation.  Once certified, members will be able to post their certification onto their LinkedIn accounts, social media and receive a certificate that can not be copied or duplicated.  

An improv certification means that you demonstrate the ability to observe and react in a moment on the spot in a real and honest way using collaboration and emotional commitment to the situation.  This skill set applies to all forms of a business and tells leaders of your organization or future employers that you have the ability to work efficiently at a fast pace without letting change slow you down. 

Types of Programs

  • Corporate Shows - Language and topic appropriate improv comedy shows

  • Improv for Business - Improv workshops custom made for your role in your specific business.

  • Team Building - Fun improv workshop that teaches common improv skills that help teams collaborate better

  • Public Speaking

  • Hosting and Emcee

  • Sales Training

  • Leadership Building

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