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7 Week Improv Class




7 Weeks

About the Course

Learn the basics of improv, how to think quicker on your feet, trust and act on impulse, become more comfortable with the unknown to react in a true and honest way and build self confidence.  This level is for everyone.  We believe that everyone should learn how to improvise to be more flexible, work on group collaboration, and have mindfulness.

You'll learn how to create interesting and robust characters in scenes that operate from the top of your intelligence while recognizing patterns in scenes, collecting information and clues on how to heighten scenes and throw away unnecessary details as well.  Continue to be introduced to new forms to help your characters develop.

Then, you'll learn how to improvise for an infinite amount of time.  Never run out of ideas, characters or “what’s next”.  Deepen your skill set by finding truthfulness, creating strong base realities, authentic relationships, and intros.  This class should give you the confidence to improvise with anyone in the country.

After 6 weeks of instruction, your 7th week is a showcase you perform for friends and family members.

Immediately following the completion of your course, another 7 week course will begin with a new phase of improv. You will get to continue to work with many of the same people and meet new ones.

If you've taken improv classes in the past with us or with other improv companies, you may be familiar with a levels type of a system. The ideology was that in order to succeed at a level 2 class, you would need to complete a level 1. In order to complete level 5, you would only have a chance of succeeding if you completed levels 1-4. Though that system has served us well over the years, we believe that we have simplified the approach to improv. We believe that anyone can see success as an improviser from day 1. By only allowing new students into the class once every 8 weeks, it gives the team time to grow and learn about each other and how to collaborate.

Your Instructor

Casey Casperson and Tom Neile

Our Instructors have been certified by Casey Casperson and Tom Neile of Sick Puppies and Doghouse to teach the Tao of Improv and Sick Puppies Curriculum. With over 40 years of entertainment experience, Tom and Casey bring you a deep variety of improv training.

Casey Casperson and Tom Neile
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