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6 Week Stand Up Comedy Class




6 Weeks

About the Course

Stand Up Comedy Class (No Experience Required). 6 week class. 2 hour classes.

Do you have an interest in Stand Up Comedy but not quite sure how to get started? This class will help you understand how to come up with material, how to write a joke, put a comedy set together and how to deliver it on stage. We'll get into a little bit of crowd work and the business of stand up comedy as well.

There will be 5 weeks of instruction. The 6th week will be a graduation performance by you, the students, where your friends and family can attend for free.

Everything will be held at Doghouse Theater, in Delray Beach, FL

Stand Up Comedy skills are a life asset:

  • Memorization

  • Identifying funny situations

  • Observing your own life to be objective

  • Deal with difficult people

  • Make light of any situation

  • Idea Generation and brainstorming

  • Confidence


Rhonda S - Rhonda Can't Help

"I took a stand-up comedy class here, and thoroughly enjoyed the time and structure of the class, which really helped me bridge from past work in comedy before COVID-19. The class blends both theory and practice, as well as exposure to the professional comedy community in South Florida.

I recommend this class to anyone with an interest in comedy both for fun or more serious endeavors."

Brendan F

"I recently took the stand up comedy class at Sick Puppies in Delray Beach. The class had a clear cut goal:

Get 5 minutes of high quality material that you can put on stage. We covered joke structure, how to

open and close, mic work, stage presence, editing jokes, timing and delivery. We also spent time on

learning what not to do and how to avoid classic pitfalls of new comedians. The difference between Sick

Puppies and other classes is the boutique setting and personal atmosphere. I strongly recommend it to

anyone looking to get into stand up, newer comedians or someone looking for guidance along the way."

Bryan S - Family Jewels Podcast | Sentenced to Stand Up

While I didn’t need specific instruction in stand-up, I took Casey’s class to get on a schedule of writing material. The class also offers the sensory experience of holding the mic, working the stand, and feeling the lights in your eyes while you try to command a room. This class isn’t just for aspiring comedians, couples will love it.

Your Instructor

Casey Casperson

Casey Casperson

Casey Casperson, the instructor and founder of Sick Puppies Comedy, has been a stand up comic since the late nineties. He has worked with great comedians like Pauly Shore, Marc Curry, Larry the Cable Guy (back when he was known as Dan Whitney), Kevin Meaney, Kid of "Kid n Play" (Christopher Reid), Bill Bellamy, Mike Armstrong and many other great Stand Up Comedians. Today, he is active in the Improv Community as the owner of Sick Puppies Comedy. Sick Puppies Comedy performs over 80 times a year and travels around the country to perform privately, publicly and in well known festivals, like UCB's Del Close Marathon.

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