Sick Puppies Cast Member Q&A with Andrea Comart!

Sick Puppies Comedy Awkward Sibling cast

Sick Puppies Comedy Awkward Sibling cast

So Andrea, how did you find out about Sick Puppies Comedy?

Through a friend!

What got you involved and interested in improv?

I wanted an outlet for stress, a place to be my weird self (or someone else, because… improv!) and to meet new people with creative/fun/quirky minds.

Tell us about your first improv show ever. What was it like?

Terrifying but unforgettable. Being on stage with all lights on you and an audience with expectations can be really intimidating. I remember how fast those fears and inhibitions melted away when I focused on my cast mates and let myself just enjoy the moments as they came - the good, the bad and the awkward. At the end of the night, you’re always reminded that your improv family has your back and I think that feeling of support Is always extremely rewarding.

What’s your favorite game/form of improv? Why?

I have respect for both long form and short form games. That being said, my favorite game is one called “Follow the Leaver” which is kind of a medley of both short and long form. Follow the leaver involves establishing a scene with at least 2 characters, as the scene develops one character has a reason for leaving to which you “follow” them to the next scene while they interact with other/new characters, the goal always being to follow whoever has the excuse to remove themselves to go do something different. The “leaver” can be the same character or a different character every time, which helps create a universe in which these characters live and revolve in. I love this game because the scene possibilities and character development choices are really endless. It’s a fun blend of the two improv styles.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had based on your life in comedy?

The camaraderie and sense of family is what I love most about being part of Sick Puppies. There is a lot of trust and vulnerability that comes with improv, always feeling accepted regardless of whatever random, weird or inappropriate thing that just came flying out of your mouth is liberating.

Newer improvisers might be surprised by how much you continue to learn from improv, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. What’s something you recently learned, or that you’re currently working on?

I’m currently pushing myself to make bolder character choices. Right now I’m really working on accents and being more animated in a way that is convincing and embodies the character Im bring to life.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new improvisers?

Listen and gift. Let go of thinking about the funny lines you want to deliver for laughs. Instead, listen and focus on honestly reacting to your scene partner. Gift them with details, emotions, motives, etc. When both partners focus on making each other successful in their scene, the laughs, the energy and the flow will happen naturally. You will create a scene that an audience will love getting swept up in with characters that they will root for.

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