Sick Puppies Perform At UCB's Del Close Marathon in New York City Tonight at 7PM

Sick Puppies Comedy: Daddy’s Little Nest Egg

Sick Puppies Comedy: Daddy’s Little Nest Egg

Friday night.  Prime Time. In New York City.  It's the place. THE PLACE.  It's year 2 for Sick Puppies performing at DCM.  This year the team performing has dedicated themselves over the last 2 years to become an entire entity of their own: Daddy's Little Nest Egg.  

Comprised of John Duffy, Eddie Seage, Nick Henriquez, Aaron Blye and Ben Brouckaert, this team has figured out their own style, their own vocabulary, their own following and their own culture.This team has their own show at Sick Puppies Comedy once a month and every month has gotten better from the last.  4 of the 5 players (John couldn't make it) are in New York right now getting ready to hop up on a legendary Upright Citizens Brigade stage for a 7PM showtime for arguably the largest improv festival, DCM.

The dedication these guys have for the craft and each other is inspiring.  They brought on Kat Kenny of Bob Carter's Actors Rep/Kat Kenny Improv as a coach and that was easily their smartest move so far. Kat is a real joy to improvise with, but she is another level as an instructor.As the director of Sick Puppies Comedy, I could not have imagined the strides we have made in the last 5 years. Daddy's Little Nest Egg is evidence that our improv community is working together to create something far bigger than any one individual. I have learned so much from our cast and students and whether they know it or not, they fuel me every day to be better as a director and as a player.

I am so proud to be part of this company and lucky to call Daddy's Little Nest Egg part of Sick Puppies Comedy.Knock 'em dead gents.  We are so excited for you.