SPC Podcast: David Razowsky!

David Razowsky and Sick Puppies cast members

David Razowsky and Sick Puppies cast members

I was able to stop David from circling the world and have him tell us his story.  

David Razowsky is THE guy.  The Improv Guru, the Point of View Viewer, the man with the quotes, the empathetic beast... the damn good human.

After listening to his podcast (A.D.D. Comedy with David Razowsky) in 2013 where he had Steve Carell on his show, I knew I needed him down to Boca to teach the South Florida Improvisers.  So after four visits to South Florida and 4 years of friendship, we get this podcast!

Razowsky is one of the original people to ever do a Harold at iO (Formerly Improv Olympic) and a former mainstage cast and tourco member at Second City along side some of the greats like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell as well as the former artistic director of Second City Los Angeles for 10 years.  He travels the world teaching improv and making people become the best versions of the themselves.

I'm certainly a better person for knowing him and I hope you will be too after listening to this episode.