Sick Puppies Audience Member Gets Engaged

It was a really fun night last night.  We put up our two house teams "Daddy's Little Nest Egg" headlined by "Shallow Howl" and they were on fire.  Little did the audience know that the Sick Puppies Comedy official personal trainer (ok, it's Casey's...) was going to propose to his girlfriend of two years.  Here's that clip.[youtube]We acted as though we were performing our crowd favorite "nightmare" piece to close out the show, but you'll see we just went right in for it.  We let the video run long so you could see the unbelievably loving audience stop and congratulate the newly engaged couple.Carl is one of the greatest personal trainers out there.  He is getting married and needs to pay for it.  Call him at 754-242-3199 to get your body on track.  He's the best!Want to make a special announcement, celebrate a birthday or other event?  We do that... obviously.  Email for more info.