Here's Why You Can Be A Cubs Fan

Despite the ridicule you might get for cheering on the Cubs as a "bandwagon" fan, here's why you can anyway.cubsflan_avatar_1447277846

  1.  WGN - When I was a kid, WGN was the only portal to the tv world outside of Denver, Colorado.  WGN was just local Chicago TV.  Nothing special about it, but they played all of the Cubs games and I grew up without a MLB team.  So, between the Cubs and Bozo the clown, I felt like I was familiar with Chicago.  Sometimes, I felt like I lived nearby.
  2. Andre Dawson - When I was a kid, this guy seemed like a giant among men.  The quiet giant.  That guy could hit a baseball 100 miles.
  3. Improv - The center of our improv world is in Chicago.  So many of our dear improv family is located in Chicago.  The joy I get to see from them and many other friends from the Windy City is contagious.
  4. The 7th Inning Stretch - Often imitated, never duplicated.  It's a war cry meant to be sung at a horrible pitch with all of your heart.  To see a crowd unified in fun and positivity while cheering on their favorite team is heart warming.
  5. Bill Murray - Fuckin Bill Murray.  Enough Said.
  6. Because you can - If you want to cheer for someone, cheer for someone.  There are no laws as far as I have found that prevent you from cheering for multiple teams... hell... cheer for them all.  You can cheer for them all.  Except the Yankees. Ok, them too.  I guess.  errgh.
  7. We are Human and we love a good story - It's okay.  Get sucked in.  It's better than most written Drama.  And though pro-sports are manufactured tension, it's still very very real.
  8. 108 years - 108 years - 108 years - Haley's Comet happens more often.  108 years.
  9. Rooftop Seating - Instead of building the stadium so big to eliminate the historic rooftop views, they built more... yea yea yea... they made money off it I'm sure... but Wrigley seems like the smallest big league team ever because you can watch from your old ass run down apartment.
  10. The Fans understand the game - I'm from Colorado.  We will watch any and every pro sport that comes to town.  We love it.  We love watching pro-sports, but if it's not football, we have no idea what the hell is happening.  We love the Rockies, but we need scoreboards, TVs and announcers to tell us what's happening.  Not in Wrigley.
  11. They Drink - Drinking got so bad that they began to stop selling beer after the 5th inning to reduce drinking related issues... however, people got so drunk by the 5th inning to compensate, they returned to the regularly scheduled 7th inning stretch last call.  That's dedication.
  12. They show up.  The fans have shown up year in and year out.  Through all of the bullshit.  It's time to rally together and be Cubs fans.  They deserve it.  Then next year, the Indians... but seriously guys... you have Lebron, so simmer.