David Razowsky's Secret is His Service to Others

Sick Puppies Comedy had another great show with guest star and improv legend, David Razowsky, last night.  This was the 4th time Razowsky has been to South Florida in as many years and the 3rd time he's performed with Sick Puppies Comedy.  In the past, we held workshops for cast, students and the public, but I asked this year that he coach just a small group of us to drill in some concepts that might not be possible in a larger group setting.14188264_10210357653917015_6054157679904513164_oIt's not my place to try to put into words the concepts that Razowsky taught us, but there were moments where I wanted to disagree with everything.  I felt uncomfortable and sometimes frustrated.  It's a tough pill to swallow when you realize your fundamental theory of Improv is wrong.  "Say NO all the fucking time.  Talk about people not there.  Ask Questions!  Is there anything more fun than talking about people not in the room?"  He's been saying these things for years, but I clearly let them fly over so I could pay attention to other skills and techniques.  This year it landed.I had moments yesterday that made me want to rewrite our curriculum from scratch and other times I said to myself "This is it.  This is the last year we have David here. He's lying to me."  It's the first time in 2 years I felt uncomfortable improvising.  I was lost and unsure.  It was an incredible feeling.  I had some moments during the coaching session that provided more clarity to my work and the mission of our company.  It was the best improv experience I've had to date.Watching Razowsky serve everyone is the real treat.  It's what makes him such a fascinating character and good friend.  I witnessed him interact with those around him with care and precision.  He wanted to know as much as he could about all of us individually as though it was his job.  Each time he visits, he makes deeper and deeper connections with us and sets the standard for improvisers in general.  Be present.  "We get to be the Santas of Nowtown.  Be the problem not the solution."  Be generous, serve others.  David Razowsky's secret to success is his service to others and the unlimited amount of passion he has for the art of improvisation.We can't wait to see him here again next year.