Millennials Need To Do This One Thing In Order to Be Successful


Millennials have a reputation of being entitled, lazy and unreliable in the workforce.  Experts claim that helicopter parenting, participation trophies and technology has kept this generation soft, but I would say that in order for Millennials to have a shot at succeeding in this world, they need to do one extremely important thing: fail.12079189_1014658761907395_4123622933675646096_nParents of Millennials have shielded their kids from the pain and anguish of rejection and failure.  We've robbed this generation of the education you receive when you fail.I've found over the last couple of years that our beginner's improv classes are full of young people unable to make choices on stage because they have never failed before.  They've never felt real failure.  If they have, there have always been people to tell them "it's okay".  Our classes teach you to make big choices, fail, try again, fail and learn.  Why wasn't that funny?  Why is that character one dimensional?  When can I try again?After a few weeks our students, especially Millennials, begin to do better scene work and get comfortable on stage.  In fact, we've had countless stories of students making choices in their professional lives after gaining confidence in our workshops.If you are a Millennial and you dare to fail, and fail often, you will jump past your peers almost immediately.  Do this one thing and learn why failure is the most important part of your success.