We Are Not Competitors, We Are Community

We are not restaurants, retail or airlines.  We aren't commodities.  We can't price ourselves based on the market value of others.  The services and products we deliver are unique, rare and personal.  We are a community, not competitors.This weekend, Sick Puppies Comedy held two shows between Friday and Saturday.  Friday night was a packed house full of people supporting our Stand Up Comedy Students putting up their first set up stand up comedy ever.  It was rewarding to see the students get huge laughs from 115 audience members as payment for their hard work over the last 7 weeks.  The Stand up community just received 11 new comedians hungry to perform and 115 audience members just experienced the love and support of our community.Saturday night we put on our first monthly "short form" show in an effort appeal to a new audience base.  The cast rallied on few rehearsals and put on a damn fine show.  In fact, our "mating game" contestant just so happened to be a student of Improv U, just up the street from us.  How did she hear about us?  From Anthony Francis, director of Improv U.  His philosophy, see it all, share it all.  A philosophy held by every improv company in South Florida.  She was such a joy to bring on stage and because of Anthony's suggestion to visit us (any active improv student in South Florida gets to see our shows for free by the way) she was able to experience a whole different flavor of improv. In Miami, Villain hosted the famous Mick Napier and 11 cast members of The Annoyance Theater.  5 of our Sick Puppies headed down there and took workshops and witnessed a sold out show.  Jeff Quintana earlier that week was hunting down a place to play on Tuesday night in the improv community to strengthen relationships and have more chances to interact with Northern folks... (Palm Beach might as well be Alaska for some Miamians).The point is that even as all of the companies have to sell tickets and registrations, they aren't taking business from any other company as they do so.  In fact, as we continue to work together, support each other and send our students and audience to other venues, it strengthens their love for Improv and Comedy, which only makes them come back for more.Sick Puppy and JTF director Tom Neile said it best back in 2012: "If we market Milk, everyone that makes Milk benefits."  So, Got Improv?Need to know where all the improv is at?  CLICK HERE