Sick Puppies Comedy Says Goodbye to Matthew Plummer

Matthew is packing his car and heading north today.  He's doing what many of us wish we had the courage to do: pack up our lives and head to the mecca of improv comedy; Chicago.  We all have our excuses why we don't do it and none of them are good ones.  Really.  A dream is a dream and Matthew is living it.[youtube]He started with Sick Puppies as a student about two and a half years ago.  I could go on about those early interactions, but there's one in particular that I'll never forget.After class one night, we headed over to Halloways in East Boca (now under new ownership) and ended up being the last people in the bar.  It was Rich from Just The Funny, Matthew and me.  None of us were drunk, but we had been drinking.  The subject of depression came up and it was one of the best conversations on the subject I had ever had.  All three of us shared our experiences regarding depression and it was enlightening.I know that was the night that we realized how important it was for us to become friends.  It's rare to make friends in South Florida.  It's not so rare to say goodbye to friends down here.  Florida seems to be a breeding ground for start up comedians and improvisers not quite ready to give New York, LA or Chicago a shot yet.  We're building a community that will hopefully rival those markets one day, but in the mean time we have to say goodbye to talented people like Matthew.We roasted him on Tuesday night.  See you later Matthew.  You will be greatly missed.  Well, until you meet us in Sarasota in July.  But after that... totally going to miss you.