Comedy Means More Than Laughter

Saturday night, Sick Puppies Comedy performed a tribute to the TV show "Whose Line is It Anyways" in front of a full house.  In between sets, they performed a piece referred to as "The Nightmare".  The cast picks out a couple of people from the audience and interviews them for about 10 minutes.  We try to capture wants, loves, needs and fears.  Once we have enough information, they take their seats and the cast performs 15-20 minutes of scenes based off of what they heard.  We call it the Nightmare because we generally add and expand some 'assumptions' to the information provided to us.Saturday's Nightmare was special because a customer had called to purchase tickets for his birthday and began to tell us his story.  He had recently lost his eye sight, but believed it to be the best thing to ever happen to him as he had been living life the wrong way.  I asked if he would like to be our guest for this piece.  He agreed.  The cast had no idea who they were getting.  Here's the interview.[youtube]When you ask someone personal questions and they provide personal answers that may not necessarily be "funny", what do you?  Do you make fun of a blind person?  No.  You don't.  You get inspired.  You find the funny within anything and you build from there.  You make an honest connection on stage with your scene partner and you run.  Here's what that looks like.[youtube]Eric and his brother Vince were such good sports.  In fact, Diane, Sharon and Steve (the rest of Eric and Vince's party) were just lovely.Yesterday, Eric called to thank us for our performance.  He mentioned that it meant so much to him and his family for us to do what we did.  He spoke to the fact that our team may not understand what we provide when we perform our shows, saying that laughter is life.  Laughter is everything to him now.Ian Oliver got his first start as a Sick Puppy This weekendEric, the feeling is mutual.  Thank you for providing us with the wonderful gift of your story.