Ian Oliver Becomes The Newest Cast Member of Sick Puppies Comedy

Ian Oliver Photo RGB Ian Oliver - (5/15) - is a product of these mean middle class South Florida streets, born and raised. He began taking classes with the Sick Puppies in August of 2014 as a way to get back on stage, and was instantly hooked on improvisational comedy. A community college drop out and graduate of the now defunct Palm Beach Film School and survivor of several failed business ventures, Ian now aspires to grow continually as an improvisor and actor and hopes the Sick Puppies are the First (as in primary) credit on a long resume. "I'm trying to get on that Pauly Shore in the 90's level."Come see him perform his first show with us this coming Saturday, May 23rd at 9PM - Who's Puppy is It Anyway?Purchase tickets by clicking HERE!