Lip Sync Battle Submissions Due May 18th

Come one, come all!  Any human can submit for the Lip Sync Battle on June 6th!Aaron Blye's shopping "tips"

We are taking submissions until May  18th!

Winner receives the First Ever Sick Puppies Lip Sync Battle Trophy and $100 Gift Card to the sponsor of that gift card (TBD)

 Submission Instructions:

  • Send an email to
  • The email should include a youtube link of a 3 minute video of you or your team's lip sync audition.
  • Your name and phone number would be a bonus.
If you are selected to compete, you will be notified by May 8th.
  • 10 total teams/participants will be accepted
Format and Rules
  1. All battles are head to head.
  2. Single Elimination Tournament - Win or Go Home
  3. 4 Rounds of Play - Wild Card round (4 Team Play In), 8 to 4, Semi Finals and Finals
  4. If you are selected as a Wild Card, you will need to prepare four separate 3 minute performances.  If not, only 3.
  5. Non Sick Puppies Judges (TBD) to Determine Winners
  6. Sick Puppies Members are eligible to enter, but are unaware of who the judges will be and even though a home crowd might help, the judges will be the only ones judging the outcome.
  7. This is for fun.  Fun.  For Fun.  Like for fun.  So, if you are hyper competitive and you think this is totally rigged, assume it is.
  8. Your team can have as few or as many people on it as you like
  9. You are encouraged to use props and costumes.  They must all be yours.  You cannot use anything from the theater except for the provided chairs and microphone.
  10. If you are caught actually singing, you will be violently removed.  Actual musical talent is strictly forbidden and frowned upon.
  11. Have Fun!