A Mini-Festival Is Pretty Much The Right Thing To Call Last Night's Show

Shooting Blanks up in Lake Park, Florida invited our team to go up and play on their stage.  It was a lot of fun.  We learned new games and made new friends.Shooting Blanks at Center StageIt made sense to invite a handful of improv troupes to come play on our stage to reciprocate.  Shooting Blanks gave a resounding "YES AND..." along with THEY Improv's Tropical Punch from Hallandale and  Mod27's Cheese&Crackers from West Palm Beach.Sick Puppies Hannah Petosa, Nick Henriquez and Tony Rivera also requested spots in the show to try out some new things (the show title was THE EXPERIMENT) and a few Sick Puppies put together a 20 minute mono scene to close out the show.The atmosphere felt like a mini-festival.  Teams scattered inside and outside, people making instant friends and the familiar sounds of warm ups.We expected to have 50 people in the crowd and it turns out there were roughly 100+ audience members there to watch us have fun. Two groups brought high end recording equipment to document the night.  The Sick Puppies $200 Camcorder was not needed.The show ran nearly 150 minutes.  We were approaching James Cameron levels of time.  It was the first show Sick Puppies Comedy Show that had an intermission.  The idea of two and a half hours of anything seem daunting, but that's kinda why it was a mini-festival... everyone stayed for the entire show.  Not an empty seat in the house.  The crowd was roaring from the beginning to the end.  AND WE RECORDED IT!!!!!!We can't wait to do this again.  Time to put it on the calendar!  Are you an improv troupe looking to join our mini-festival?  Reach out!