Our First Stand Up Comedy Show Succeeded Because of Improvisation

Last night, we put on an all Sick Puppies Stand Up Comedy Show at Center Stage Performing Arts Theater in Boca Raton.  Tony Rivera hosted the show and introduced Aaron Blye, Stewart Goldstein, Jana Estanislau, Adam Wex, Kathy G, Stephon Duncan and Ben Brouckaert to a near capacity crowd.  This would be the 2nd time any of these folks ever performed Stand up Comedy in front of an audience.  After only 6 weeks of instruction, some of the comedians put up as many as 10 minutes on stage!  When this was revealed at the end of the show, you could hear the disbelief and an even wilder applause.  How was it that Sick Puppies Comedy was able to get good performances instantly out of new comedians?  Improv.  That and the incredible dedication and support of their instructor Tony Rivera.Here's just one of the many great sets that night[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ituzN4WlLJQ]If you'd like to see more for yourself, you can see the other sets along with our other videos at OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELComedians worry a lot about their material.  "What if I forget my set?" or "What happens if I say my joke wrong?" or "What happens if the audience turns on me?"  These are all legitimate and frightening concerns that improv takes away.An Improv show starts and finish without knowing what you are going to say.  It allows you to be comfortable in complete silence.  If the audience changes, you can adapt because you aren't afraid of change.  You embrace it.  Improv is about listening and reacting.  As a stand up comedian, you can structure your sets less and use your material more as a guide than a script.  The less you have to rely on the formula, the more you can rely on your scene partner, the audience.
Tony Rivera should receive the accolades from last night, though.  He found a way to connect and relate to each and every comedian in our Stand Up 101 class to get them to produce grounded, real material and perform it in a real and entertaining way. Sick Puppies Stand Up is synonymous with Tony Rivera.We finished the show with guest sets from Casey Casperson and Willie Dynomite as Matthew Plummer headlined the show for us.  Though all three closing comedians had good sets, it was clear that the energy and enthusiasm was all about the students.This show was important for the stand up scene because it proved that audiences will come out to a theater and watch stand up comedy even if alcohol isn't served and they have to pay admission.  The market is looking for great entertainment and Sick Puppies Comedy delivered.  These shows will become a regular item.  Join our next classes beginning April 20th!