Poet Brie Frank Moves On To Nationals With "Eric Garner" Poem

If you were at our show on Saturday, you watched Brie Frank perform an incredibly moving and captivating slam poem regarding police brutality and racism in America.  She went up to Tampa on Sunday and competed in a competition with Sacred Sounds that moves her onto Nationals.   Though the poem was very heavy, kind of depressing and polarizing, the point of presenting it as part of a Sick Puppies Comedy show is to prove that our company is constantly pushing our limits.  We took her piece as part of a format we call "The Beagan" where our improvisers perform scenes based on her work.  Of course, the idea is that our improvisers can find humor in anything.  And we did.Congratulations Brie!11075186_10152802696401172_6570800071276145319_n