Life is a Series of Adjustments

My Father in Law said "Life is a series of adjustments" as part of his speech he gave to my wife and me on our wedding day.  He said it so casually that it scared me.  He had just successfully beaten cancer and referred to that as an "adjustment" too.  Of course, in his humility, he never actually referred to cancer in front of the room of people.  Instead, he said nothing but nice things about everyone and made us all feel like better people.Photo Courtesy of Nathalie Galde Photography If Courtney's father taught me the importance of adjustments, Improv has shown me how.  If I am willing to deal with my reality and work within it, I will have successful scenes and relationships.  Week after week, night after night, you get bombarded with ideas that aren't yours and slowly learn how to not only accept them, but begin to love them.   Ideas generated by others are ideas that you don't have to generate on your own.  Collaboration and adjustments are the key!  Distractions become GIFTS!  Yes, I can use this.  Perfect!  That noise inspired me!  I "get" to do this replaces I "have" to do this.My day job became easier.  I plead guilty.  I would lose and move on.  The push back came from people who needed to be right.  I let them.  "You're right.  I don't understand this product.  I'm sorry about that."  Be wrong even if you think you are right.  In most circumstances, it's more important to deal with what's next than it is to be right.