Don't Try to Win the Scene

youre-not-hard-coreIt's hard to lose.  Or Be Wrong.  Or look stupid.  It's ok.  That's natural.  It's also totally boring.  Nobody likes to watch two people argue.  Especially when neither of them are giving any ground.In an improv scene, or any scene for that matter, we gravitate towards the person that not only loses, but makes horrible decisions.  We reward the protagonist with our attention when he runs into the fire... for leftover pizza."Are you cheating on me?" Instinct makes you say "NO! How dare you ask such a thing?"  In improv, it's way more fun to say "Yes.  I am.  How did you not find out sooner?"Find out how to own truth.  Find out how to take pride in losing.  On stage of course.  Or maybe not just on stage.  What if we owned up to our bad choices in real life?  What if we made choices based on our feelings instead of choosing based off of what we think others would want us to choose?  Find out.  Enjoy life.Get out to the The Miami Improv Festival this weekend and watch everyone make some bad decisions and lose a lot!