37 Shows, 9 Workshops, 5 Days, 1 Location - The Miami Improv Festival!

Do you love improv?  Good.  This post isn't for you because you are already going to this.Do you like improv?  Good.  This is for you.Are you not sure if you like improv?  Better.  This is totally for you.Do you hate improv?  Let's agree to not talk anymore, okay?  This relationship isn't what I thought it was.  I've left your stuff in the hallway, but I'm keeping the dog.58201551 What's this all about you ask?  I'll tell you.  And Calm down.  I'm getting to it.  There's 37 different shows.  And they are awesome.  I've seen most of the groups and excited to see the rest.  First, let's get the big names out-of-the-way.   Us.  I said it. We'll be there.  On Friday.  You should buy your tickets now.  6PM.  Don't be a dumb dumb.  Manny Garavito is going to be our Effin Beagan.  What's that you say?  Just come to the show.  Manny's funny, we're funny.  It's legit.SickPupTix Then There's this:10933769_10152971914672421_6787893206826449398_n Fellow Sick Puppy Aniela McGuinness puts on a one woman show written by Aniela and Sick Puppy Tony Rivera and directed by Tony as well.  Just the Funny aka, the festival is so kind in putting on a show like this.  It's Aniela's story of recently being diagnosed with cancer and the brutal honesty of it all.  Really, in all sincerity.  Do not miss this.  No matter what kind of theater you like, this will put you on your knees. I'm looking forward to this show more than any other show this year.So, let's knock out the next two killer acts!Messing-with-a-Friend The-Groundlings Susan Messing, Joe Bill and The Groundlings.  If you haven't seen them perform, you're missing out.  I'm pretty sure most tickets have sold out for these shows, but you can try.  Try.The amount of talent at this festival is insane.  So let's talk about a few of the acts we're familiar with:

  • Special in a Bad Way - is a short form group that rarely likes to follow the rules, pushes the envelope and always makes us laugh.
  • Society Circus Players - Another short form group from Miami that regularly plays at the Just the Funny theater and training center.  Always a high energy show... and one of their cast is a professional wrestler!  OH YEAAAAAHHHHH!
  • Copa De Diva - Got to see these guys a few months back up at a MOD 27 show in West Palm Beach.  Venus Williams was there.  So you know it was good.  A long form troupe with great character choices and a lot of fun.
  • Equanimity - Hannah Prince and Nicholas Riggs from Post Dinner Conversation up in Tampa bring in their duo... OF LOVE!!!! These two are braniacs and engaged and interested in figuring out how people deal with relationships.  These guys are fun.  WATCH THEM!
  • Chasing Tales - A Miami based group that we've just recently had the pleasure of interacting with when David Razowsky was in town.  This group has been together for over 8 years.  Group Mind folks!
  • The Third Thought - Another Tampa Improv group that put on some of the most grounded, fundamentally sound improv scenes out there.  Concurrently, they do it while putting you in some unbelievably far-fetched scenarios.  It's a rare thing to find.  I always love hanging out with these guys.  Fun group on and off stage.
  • Cheap Trills - A Just The Funny based team, these guys are amazing.  Musical Improv at it's finest.  And, not to be totally biased but they do have a couple of Sick Puppies in their cast.  Plus Pierre, Tom Neile and Julie Cotton.  Just sayin'.  This is a must see act.
  • A Group of People - I love the name.  Saw these guys recently at the Tampa Improv Festival.  Funny, engaging and fun!
  • Impromedy - A group that's been around as long as any down here in South Florida.  A core group of guys that just get into it.  Lot's of free form play and led by Ozzie Quintana, one of the most talented improvisers I've ever seen or shared the stage with. Get some.
  • SAK Comedy Lab - Our good friends in Orlando will certainly rock the house with whatever insanity they bring.  I feel like we try to mimic a lot of what they do.  And why wouldn't you?  They just have a level of professionalism and showmanship unlike any other.
  • Fever Pitch - Another JTF home-grown long form group with some of my favorite players and friends.  Certainly will make you jealous to see how much talent they put on the stage.
  • Bananas Republic - Yeah. This is the good stuff.  Have you ever had a crush on like a group of people? You will.  Some of the most believable, truthful acting you'll ever see on stage.  I'm jealous.  Just go.  I'm crying.

The other acts promise to be incredible as well.  They come from New York, Boston, Texas, Los Angeles and myriad of other locations.  It's so rare that we get to see the caliber and quantity of improv as we will this week.  Get there and get you some.Most shows only cost $10.  I haven't even started to talk about the workshops.  And I won't.  If you love improv, you know about them already.  So, there.It's the motherf****** Miami Improv Festival peeps!  Get it.Home-Page-Slider