Sick Puppies Comedy Welcomes Robyn Cassel to the Cast

Robyn Cassel is one of the newest cast members of Sick Puppies Comedy.  With a history of theatre in her background, performing comes naturally to her.  Psychologist by day, with her degree and licenses and everything, nobody understands the importance of emoting and expressing better than her.  After spending nearly 27 years in school and racking up over 2.3 million dollars in student loans, Robyn has decided to take a gamble and pay her debts by making others laugh.  Clearly not an economist, Robyn has a heart of gold, but an inability to understand how money works.  Until she figures it out, we'll continue to agree with her plans and enjoy her play on stage with us.Come see her this Friday in our Superhero show.  BUY TICKETS NOW2014-12-19 07 51 35 (3)