Sam Palermo Joins The Sick Puppies Comedy Cast

Sam was actually added a while back, but we are making the official announcement now. He's already performed in a couple of shows with us. Sam is a great addition to the cast and we're excited to have him!sampGrowing up, Sam was obsessed with sketch comedy shows and developed a knack for getting attention, laughter and a rise out his parents, classmates and close friends. That attention continued into his college years at Syracuse and into his professional environmental engineering career. Over a year ago he decided that his comedic wit should be put to good use and joined a stand up comedy class... His first time on stage was a stellar performance and his following has continued to grow since then. The support of his endeavor from his family and friends has only fueled his ambition further. Last summer Sam begin his improvisation career by taking a Sick Puppies Class. His willingness and attitude to go over the top is welcomed as he was soon asked to participate as a "stand-in" cast member. Last year, he was also was selected to perform in Florida Funniest Comedian Contest at the Palm Beach Improv.