Where Are We Going? Sick Puppies Comedy in 2015

2014 was the year of transition for Sick Puppies Comedy.  We grew.  A lot.  We played significantly more shows and events than 2013 and held double the classes that we held in 2013.  We added new members to the cast.
 We also expanded to the keys...workshop2But we never lost who we are or where we are going.2015 is going to see at least 4 times the growth we saw in 2014.  Our new home at Center Stage is allowing us to expand rapidly.  We'll be having classes 3 nights a week, shows once a week as well as some special events.  We'll begin to expand on Stand Up comedy as we build our stand up comedy classes and shows.  We are adding a 2nd team to our group in order to provide these shows.We will have  a monthly show called "The Experiment" that does exactly what it suggests.  We want to show our audience members what we are working on.  We are encouraging students and cast to ask "what if" and then put it up on stage.Our student showcases will be on weekends so that friends and family of students can get to the showcase easier.  We'll also be advertising the showcases to the general public in hopes of getting more people for students to perform in front of.Isla Improv in the Keys will continue to expand and serve the younger population of improvisers with our sister company, Playhouse Pups.Speaking of sister companies, we'll be launching a new company just for corporate training called Top Dog Improv.  This company will be dedicated to training sales people. team building and executives through Improv skills.  Inquire immediately if you'd like our help.2015 will be our greatest year so far and we hope you'll join us anyway you like.  Become a student, audition for a team or just comes see some shows.  We're proud of what we have created and so thankful you have helped.  Go back to our home page or calendar and see where you can hop in!  It's time to play!