3 Sick Puppies On The Two Largest Stand Up Stages In Florida TONIGHT

Sick Puppies Comedy can't be more excited to announce that Allyson Martin, Plus Pierre and Hannah Petosa will be performing on Florida's two largest Stand Up Stages in South Florida TONIGHT!:  The Hollywood Improv and the Palm Beach Improv.Starting at 8PM, find your way to the Hollywood Improv at the Hard Rock where Allyson and Plus will be competing in the semi-finals of Florida's Funniest Comedian.  Essentially the third round of the competition, either main stage cast member has the talent to find their way to the finals.  Mention their name at the door and get free admission.If you live closer to Palm Beach, find your way to City Place in Downton West Palm Beach and seek out Hannah Petosa, the young phenom of stand up comedy as seen in The Sun Sentinel.  Show starts at 8PM as she competes for the coveted Turkey.  Mention her name at the door for free admission.As we move into 2015 expect to see more Sick Puppies hop cross the Improv/Stand Up line.  Most importantly, go support live theater.  Stand up, Improv, Comedy, Drama or Music.  Just get out there and experience real live human beings doing awesome things.