An Interview With The Tampa Bay Improv Festival's Director

Guys, there are amazing people all around you.  Gravitate towards them.  We will be tomorrow.  Toward Nicholas Riggs.  He's part of PDC Inc. or Post Dinner Conversation, a wonderful improv company in Tampa.  A student on his way to getting his PhD, Nicholas and some great actors assembled this team only a couple of years ago.1405717325Riggs tells me that last year they made the quick decision to put together a festival.  Within less than 2 months they assembled a really fun event at the Silver Meteor Gallery in Tampa.  This nice little house next to the tracks housed some incredible talent all the way from Improv Boston to a handful of Miami talent including myself and a few other improvisers assembled by Carlos Rivera for us to play Improv Against Humanity.The event was packed full of great troupes and a handful of workshops.  Which brings us to this year; only their second year in existence.  Folks, according to Nicholas, this event will end up being one of the largest improv festivals in the country considering this year it will have 31 teams, 9 workshops on 3 stages over 4 days.  That's a massive growth spurt year over year.Riggs explains that he and his partner in crime traveled the country going to different improv festivals and were especially touched by Austin.  The idea that it wasn't about putting the best talent up on the stage but putting anyone up that wanted to play and discovering from there.  PDC went from 1 team to 15 after coming back from Austin.  He believes that part of how this festival came together.  That attitude of inclusion is what will make this event one for the ages.On top of all of that, UCB is coming to close it all out.  We are proud to perform Friday night at 10PM at the Tampa Pitcher Show and even more proud that that Tom Neile, one of our founding members is teaching a workshop and promoting is new book.I'm so impressed by this event.  If you're in Tampa, come check us out!!