Adults are Missing Out

Look.  We all have to do shit that we don't like, but it doesn't mean we can't do it our way.  I had an awesome day dressed up as Thomas the Train while working.  This is what my face looked like most of the day until people would approach me and say "Love your costume.  How fun!"Damn right.  How fun.  Today was fun.  I wore this costume into a bank though and the bank got a little nervous.  I guess costumes aren't fun for them... I used to work in a bank... and I used to wear costumes in there too.  I wore this into my dry cleaner.  Laughter.  I wore it into work.  Laughter.  I wore it into a car dealership... more laughter.  Best $42 I ever spent and it's because my daughter told me this is what I had to wear today.When a 3 year old says "Daddy.  You know you are going to be a choo choo for Halloween", you google that and you wear it.  And I did and still am as I write this.  What a day!Hey adults.  Don't take life too seriously. It's going to be over soon and we only get a few opportunities to be silly.  BE SILLY EVERY DAY!  I really felt bad for the adults that chose to ignore me.  They are dead inside.  Or they thought I was going to try to sell them something.  Which I totally would have.  We have a show coming up November 15th people!!!!Happy Halloween kids!photo