Janice Olsen Suggested The Word "Sentient" To Influence This Post

Thanks Janice for suggesting the word "Sentient" for this blog post.  For those of you who aren't aware what the word means, it's the ability to "feel".  For example: a computer can think, but it can't feel.sassyI'm a hypocrite.  I believe animals are sentient beings while at the same time I love steak.  I've seen the documentaries and how these poor animals are treated and I truly believe they can feel the suffering.  It upsets me, but bacon.I actually went vegetarian for all of January this year.  Meaning that I didn't consume any meat.  Well, I take that back.  I ate fish.  I don't believe fish is a sentient being.  That's Casey science at it's best.  So, I went pescatarian for a month.  What started as a noble effort resulted in the true depths of my hypocrisy.  If it was my night to cook, my family still ate meat, which meant I was still purchasing meat.  I was still directly contributing to the suffering of beautiful beings AND I WASN'T EVEN ENJOYING THE CONSUMPTION OF IT.I figured that I would lose some weight based on my pescatarian choices, but I didn't.  I easily consumed more pasta and bread to fill that void.  And sour patch kids.To double down on my awfulness, I eat at Chic-fil-A on occasion.  Still.  So, I contribute to the inhumanity of chickens and I pay money to hate mongers that don't like it when boys kiss each other.  And when I mean on occasion, it's probably once a month.  It's bad.  But here I am standing up for the rights humans and other sentient beings and I can't control my own impulses for fried chicken heavy in corn meal.So, there you go.  I'm awful, but I'm sentient and my feelings get in the way of my progress.  Or do they help?  I don't know.  I'm gonna go eat a vat of ice cream.