Improv Will Heal You

I started performing Improv because I like to perform.  I didn't understand its real power until I started teaching it.  Improv appeals to those in need of acceptance and love, but sometimes we think it attracts "funny" people._IGP5511We have nearly 25 active students in our classes and most of them have no interest in joining a troupe or performing as a career, but they keep coming back.  A few have shared their experiences with me.  Most of these anecdotes were shared with me privately so I removed as many identifying details as possible.FRIENDS"I didn't have friends until I started taking classes with Sick Puppies." - This was said during one of our classes by a student.  I wasn't the instructor at the time.  In fact I was on stage with the class.  I began to cry and the only person who could see how affected I was, was Aniela.  This particular person's story is one that makes me proud to be a part of it.FEAR"I figured I would take one class to prepare for a presentation I had coming up.  I was afraid to speak in front of that many people, but this taught me that I was enough." - This particular student didn't take just one class.  She's joining her third class. And she's an excellent improviser.  Yes.  Improv teaches you quickly that you have everything you need to be perfect.PHYSICAL HEALTH "Once I saw there was a place for me in this world, I wanted to be alive long enough to enjoy it." - This student began lifting weights and training for marathons after they started taking classes.  They quit their job and moved to New York to pursue their life passion only after participating in 3 sessions... which by the way had nothing to do with Improv or performing.A few members of our cast have dedicated themselves to improving their health.  If you go into our gallery, you'll find some of us to be a different person than who we are today.  Improv loves and accepts you no matter who you are and it's okay to care for yourself too.PROFESSIONAL LIFE"I stopped sounding corporate and just started to say what I was feeling." - I found this to be the most satisfying comment to me.  Coming from a corporate world, it's easy to say what you're "supposed" to say instead of being true to yourself.  Yes, playing it safe could mean that you keep your job, but learning to communicate your point exactly at the precise moment you have an idea can be the most powerful skill you ever have.  So many times we walk out of meetings saying "I wish I said this" or worse "I shouldn't have said that".A misguided theory of improv is that you say whatever comes to your head and that would never work in a professional world because you must have a filter.  Our classes prove just the opposite.  The more you improvise, the more you form your mind to almost always say the right thing and mean it.  So say it. And Mean it.Sign up for improv classes.  They start on Monday.  Heal yourself.