The Secret of Sick Puppies Comedy

What if? That's the secret.  We ask "What if?"  What if we tried to do an entire show to music?  But we've never done it before.  We only have 3 weeks to rehearse. (The following clip is NSFW)[youtube]What if we tried to do Stand Up Comedy, but did it completely improvised? (The Following Clip is NSFW)[youtube]Both shows were really successful.  Both shows were packed.  They were fulfilling and we had no idea how they would go.  Our cast has the most important thing a troupe could have: Implicit trust.  I know that no matter what we try, it will likely be good.  Better than that, there are no sacred cows in our company.  Quality is what rules.  Just because it's my idea, doesn't mean it's going to make it in.So, what if?  Ask yourself that.  What if?  What if I could run a 5k?  What if I tried improv?  What if I asked her out?Consider what your circumstance may look like if.... and if it looks good, do it.  And if you fail, which will be often, enjoy the education it provided you.The improvised stand up show October 4th at the Funky Buddha was probably one of the scariest things I've ever done.  As a comedian of 15 years, I always had material.  I knew what worked and I tried new stuff in front of small crowds.  I know it seems weird that an improviser was scared of improvised stand up, but the major difference with Improv Stand up is that there are no actors on stage with you.  It's completely up to you.  And I've bombed a ton as a stand up comic with proven material!We worked together as a team to figure it out and below I posted my complete 10 minutes without editing.  It makes me nervous to share, but I think it explains the process.  Some things worked well, some things didn't.  That's part of the territory I think.  The cool thing is the audience was really cool about it... well except the group in the corner (you'll see in the video what happened... crowd work).I was so nervous about the night and it turned out wonderful.  Over 180 people came to the improvised stand up show and I'm proud of it.  The cast was incredible.  I hope to do it again soon and learn from this one.  What I learned from this is that even if it doesn't feel comfortable, it can still be rewarding.  Maybe more so... What a trip.Below is my uncut 10 minutes ( DEFINITELY NSFW)[youtube]