Anonymous Donor Contributes $200 towards Aniela's Breast Cancer Awareness Fund

We raise money for a cause and sell the "Humane Seat" at $100 for 2 tickets. All the money goes to charity. Someone just bought 2 humane seats, remained anonymous and just simply donated to donate. They won't even be at the show. Truly amazing. Which reminds me that if any of you would like to contribute to Aniela's donor fund split equally to both Gilda's Club and Susan G. Komen of Miami, here is THIS LINK to do so and Sick Puppies will hand her a check for the donations.Hopefully, we can generate lots of money for these causes with the following:20% of total ticket sales.100% of humane seats100% of any donation through THIS LINK - no minimum amount either!So, come see the show, buy tickets HERE