When Was The Last Time You Questioned Your Point of View?

What if I was to offer you a way to test all points of view without being forced to change your own?  Well, you're in luck. It's called improv.  You can play the part of any person that's ever, never or can't exist.  You can swim in their skin and give an honest shot of what it might be like to be them.  You can feel free to mock them and their point of view by playing them or making your scene partner one of them, but you'll find the biggest payoff is when you legitimately try to be them.  Be the real person that they believe they are and the discovery begins.IMG_7722You owe yourself the opportunity to live out the path of another human and see if you can at least empathize with their point of view.  It may make you double down on yours or maybe it will set you on the road of change.  Improv Classes are a safe place to play without offending others or being offended.Classes will start registration shortly for our October 27th classes beginning in West Boca.  Be the change before it becomes real.