Your Word, Our Writing - Joseph Richard Nay: Thesaurus

Thank you Joseph for the word.  If you don't know why we are writing about a Thesaurus, we asked our Facebook fans to suggest some words for us to write about.  Here you go!  Also, congratulations on the two free tickets!In 6th grade we had to buy a thesaurus because we would be writing our very first research paper.  I've never written such an eloquent paper about nothing.   It was thought-provoking, riveting, absorbing, compelling, enthralling, enticing, alluring and magnetic.Each and every detail was explained to the very minutia, trifle, triviality, trifle and frivolity.  I used enormous words that probably didn't apply since I was writing about the Exports and Imports of Switzerland, but I'm sure it was a sesquipedality.Thesaurus.  Thanks Joseph! 2 tickets are for you!Click on Shows and Events and go buy tickets to our next show!