My Deepest of Gratitude

We are only 3 weeks away from our second anniversary as a company.  It's hard to imagine my life without Sick Puppies Comedy much in the same way people feel about their children or spouses.  I started this as a troupe, not a company.  I just wanted a place to play so I didn't have to drive 75 minutes south to go improvise.  I announced auditions and in early October 2012, we had a cast.  Today we operate in 5 locations with over 70 students (past and present), 20 cast members between two troupes with a buzz that I only dreamed about.  I have to remind myself that when we are presented with challenges, two steps back today is leap years ahead of where we were.SP Taxation0330I'm lucky to have so much support from our cast, classes, audience and our social media followers.  Student and friend, Ryan Lieber, introduced us to Daniel Corcoran of "The List" on WPTV 5.  But it wasn't just an introduction.  It was persistence on his part that finally got us a spot on there.  CLICK HERE TO SEE US ON THE LISTEarlier this month we had a beautiful feature done on us in the BocaMag by John Thomason.  You can pick up the magazine locally in Boca Raton, but you can also read his follow up review of our show from Sept 9th by clicking here.The outpouring of support and excitement for what we do can't be matched or duplicated.  I'm overwhelmed at times by the momentum we continue to pick up.Improv is my passion and a way of life I choose to live.  If you are one of our social media gawkers that hasn't had a chance to see a show, I recommend you see one in October.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR CALENDARThank you again for your support.  The only way we can grow is if you don't keep us to yourself.  We shouldn't be a secret.  Tell everyone you know about us.  You make all of the difference for us.  By just talking about us to one person today, you've doubled our reach.  Think about it.