Even Improvisers Get Bored

It seems like an improviser would never get tired of their shows because the material is brand new every time, but we do.  In order to keep it fresh, we try to challenge ourselves with new formats, new mediums and new cast members.  On October 11, the Sick Puppies will be doing their first ever improvised musical show.  Each scene inspired by your input will incorporate improvised music and possibly even dance!  We are so fortunate to have Anneliesa Trethewey to accompany our lyrics with her broad pallet of musical genres on keyboard.  She's a real gem and we can't wait to have her in the cast with us.Join us on Saturday, October 11th at 7PM at SOL Theatre in Boca Raton for an unforgettable night.  Only 50 tickets left, so get yours now!CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TICKETSHi_Res_Razowsky-0084