A Sick Puppy Wrote a Book on Improv. It's Awesome. You Should Buy It.

In limited production, Sick Puppy founder and cast member, Tom Neile has released a book on Improv:  The Tao of Improv.  Intended to be a supplement to your craft as opposed to an instruction manual, Neile's book helps you understand the philosophy of creating a scene.817poKsqyIL._SL1500_"Learning how easy improv is can be the hard part.There are important lessons in life that can lead to better improv scenes. And there are important lessons in improv that can lead to a better life. By putting improv techniques under an electron microscope of reason, The Tao of Improv: A Philosophy of Creating a Scene can improve the way we function, understand and interact - on stage and off. Excerpts from the Tao Te Ching are woven into an overall philosophy of scenic improv acting. Far from being mystical, the Tao of Improv provides a concrete platform from which to understand your place on an improv stage. This book is aimed at beginner to intermediate improvisers who have already acquired a few basics. You'll learn what you can bring into a scene and, more importantly, the myriad items you can leave out of a scene." - Tom NeileNeile is also an owner and director of Just the Funny Theater and Training Center in Miami.  He has a major influence on the South Florida improv community and Sick Puppies Comedy is lucky to have our name mentioned in his book.We have only been given a small allotment of copies so buy yours now.CLICK HERE TO BUY A COPY - ONLY $20