So, That Happened

David Razowsky is one of the most thoughtful, mindful, generous people I have ever met.  Set aside his unbelievable resume for a moment and look at the person.  I spent an afternoon outside of workshops and shows and got to know him.  I was able to learn about his life while I watched him really listen to what I had to say, react with real emotion and connect with me.  I felt like I was talking to an old friend because when I wasn't talking, he was still listening and watching.  He knows people because he is aware of them always.I can be more present.  I can be more mindful.  I can listen even more.  I can be more like David and hopefully one day I can operate near his level.  I choose to apply improv skills to life and life to improv skills.  It's as close to a religion as I will ever get and it's a pretty good one.  Especially since I'm allowed to bend the rules when I want to bend the rules.  Because, there are no rules.  David is a great instrument of improv and I will cherish the opportunity he provided to us while he was here.    So, that happened. I can't change it, but I'll be changed forever.Last night's show was one of the best times I've ever had in my life.  We have more work to do.  imagephoto