Three Improv Skills That Will Make You a Better Salesperson Instantly

Sales is a necessary evil.  Whether it's your profession to offer a manufactured product or you're trying to get a job, you have to sell.  Here's three improv skills that will make you "that person" people choose to buy from.Retro TV Commercial1: Make it All About Them:  If you want to win over your customer, make sure every statement and question of yours applies to them.  "Based on what you've told me, this kitchen design seems to make the most sense." or "Can you tell me how this color makes you feel versus the last one I showed you?".  Humans love talking about themselves.  Let them.  Humans love answering questions about themselves.  Ask away.  This is a secret in an improv scene.  Our job is to make the other person look good.  Make it all about them.  The more you worry about the other person, the more they'll take care of you. Or Buy.2:  Listen - Phhhhht.  No kidding Casey.  Everyone knows you're supposed to listen.  How would anyone buy anything if nobody listened?  Fair enough alter ego Casey.  Fair enough.  Listening is more than waiting for someone to stop talking so you can "pitch" or "sell". Listening is your opportunity to gather as much possible information as possible so you can apply it later in the sale. It means that when you are really "listening", that you haven't determined what to offer them yet.  A great listener will absorb as much possible information as they can until they believe they have a solution for you.3: Be In The Moment: This one isn't easy.  Especially if another customer is waiting for you.  Or if you have reports to do.  Or maybe you're in the middle of a facebook argument.  Forget everything around you.  Be in the moment with your customer.  Right now.  Slow down time.  Pay attention to everything happening right now.  React in a real and human way to what your customer is saying to you.  If you invest all of your focus on your customer, it will be extremely difficult for them to leave you or consider someone else.  Being in the Moment also means that you're not thinking about the sale.  You're not worried about "process".  You're only interested in what's happening RIGHT NOW.Get to work.  Use these skills. Turn the tables at your next presentation.  Surprise a potential employer.  Listen, Be In The Moment and Make it all about them.