A Few Nice Quotes

August 9 at 9pm, see what these people are talking about.board‘If you want to be interesting, be interested’ - honestly, I think I use this more in real life than I do in improv. A few people have told me they appreciate my conversation style because I do not just ask a question about a topic and then move onto the next topic. I probe with a few more questions that dive below the surface of a topic.‘Go in the direction you are facing’ - I have felt stuck in a few scenes, then you popped in my head with this saying. That quickly got me back to where I needed to be in the next moment of the scene, and the panic subsided. Additionally, this statement is good real-world advice that I have kept in my back pocket (and have dispensed to a few other people, too). It just adds to the idea that what you learn in improv you can apply to real life.I really appreciate the premium you place on patience and being present. [Where I perform] there seems to be a lot of ‘loud’ improv with crazy characters. That is fine, and once in awhile it is good to mix things up with a scene with a slower build. That is a space where I thrive. It is refreshing to find an instructor who validates that my style is also needed on stage!‘YOU ARE WASTING A LOT OF GOOD MONEY AND YOU ARE WASTING MY SUNDAY AFTERNOON!  QUIT PLAYING IT SAFE - TRUST EACH OTHER - TRUST YOURSELF - GO BIG AND LET THE ART FLOW GODAMMIT!’I wanted to say thank you for bridging the gap that's always existed for me between "acting" and "improv" - you were 100% right that they're one in the same, and I'm proud to now call myself an actor that improvises…For me that's a pretty important realization, and something I couldn't have figured it out so clearly without you. So once again I say - thanks.BUY TICKETS NOW