Eleven Sick Puppies, Three Shows and Funds Raised For The Good Guys

It was a night last night.  Tony Francis, Lauren Pottinger, Sam Palermo and myself all the way up in North Lake.  We head into the Plaza Ballroom to do a 20 minute set and inspire audience members to become students.  We "nightmared" by far the worst volunteer ever on the planet and still found a way to make comedy gold."What's your name?""I don't Speak English""What's your wife's name?'"I cannot say.""What do you do for a living?""I eat."Whatever.  Bed. Make it. Un make it.  We made up some damn fine scenes.  Thanks for setting it all up Julie!  Thanks for hosting, Lauren!Meanwhile back at homebase in Boca Raton, the Puppies had a fundraiser at the Showtime Performing Arts Theatre for Brie Frank and her "SlamProv" team.  They spoke some words and then the cast improvised on the words.  Rumor has it, it was insane.  From the pictures I saw, it was a packed house.  They raised all the money they needed to get to California for their competition and then some. 10559681_10104830675783853_6492706583662317606_nBack to North Lake!  The Fantastic Four leave the Ballroom and head over to a fundraising event at the Marriott on Singer Island that Lauren just so happens to be singing at!"Oh, by the way guys, we're going to perform here too."  - We were in their program.... thanks for the heads up Lauren!!!  Okay, she did kind of ask if we'd be cool with it.... we're not going to say no.  Ever.We hit the stage after some wonderful musical acts and needed just 10 minutes to rock the house!  It was a blast.  What a pleasure to make a friend in Sam Palermo.  Shout out to Will Watkins for having him find his way over here.  Thanks for introducing me to The Brass Ring Lauren.  Tasty Burger!There's a positive future for these positive people.  I'm proud to be a part of so many great moments like these.  Much love to the Puppies, the Pride Pups and the Sick Puppies Students for growing this Improv Community.  It's changing lives.  Well, mine at least.10406538_10152242862054397_8670936737970457865_n