Thank You

Sometimes I raise our expectations and forget what we've done so far . 20  months ago we fought so hard to get 32 people to attend our very first show. There were weeks where there were more of us than there were of you.  In a short period of time the troupe rallied around the idea of making this something special.  Every single member gave all that they could and we had our first sell out in February 2013.  That show had 125 audience members in it.  What a night that was for us.  A packed house, a brilliant show and a memory I will never forget.SP Prom 0088I noticed in the last few months as we began to suffer some growing pains that my frustrations were only things of dreams a year ago.  I have to remind myself that we aren't even 2 years old yet.I am flattered by the support from our audiences, our students and the improv community.  South Florida continues to prove that you want improv theater and you want it any way you can get it.Tonight we play in one of the most well-known houses in the country; The Improv.  It's a real honor to be invited to play on this stage in front of our largest audience to date.  All of our dreams are coming true and it's because of you.  Every time you come out to see us, you, as an individual are making our day.  The power of your presence is felt.  You make a difference in lives.  I hope that we continue to reward you with great shows and laughter.  It's what we love to do.  It is our passion.  We want to live in an improvised world of people who always look for a way to say yes.Thank you so much.  We will see you tonight.Casey