How Can Improv Theater Make South Florida Relevant?

Why is Improv Theater important in South Florida?  Consider this.  If you happen to be a fan of comedies like Arrest Development, Parks and Recreation, Playing House, Community, Workaholics, The League or many other great shows on television, you're watching the product of Improv.  Why not us?  Why can't South Florida be as relevant as Chicago, New York or LA?  The talent is here and we are every bit as good.improv-releveant Right now, Chicago, New York and LA are expanding their interest in Improv on a daily basis.  The value of Improv based writing continues to grow.  If the Miami/South Florida market has a chance of being relevant, Improv Theater is the ticket.  The only way for it to grow is with community support.Next Wednesday, June 25th at 8PM, Sick Puppies Comedy will be performing 90 minutes of completely Improvised comedy at THE IMPROV at CityPlace in West Palm Beach. You'll be able to witness how live improvised theater leads to sketch and show writing.  Why is this such an effective method?  When a writer or group of writers sit down to write, they are imagining what it might be like, whereas improvisers take on the character, location and situation and react in a real way, even if the situation isn't.  They are acting out the scene and forced to say real things and make real choices.Come see us put on a funny show that's not Stand Up at venue known for Stand Up but says "Improv" on the sign.  Visit for more information or click here to buy tickets.