YES and Your Business Needs This

It's 9AM on a Monday.  Your manager calls the morning meeting/huddle/quick wrap/bullshit/5 points... he pulls you all together and talks at you for 5-10 minutes.  "Team, this week is critical for us.  We have to blah blah synergy blah blah relationships."  Your huddle breaks and you go to work.angrygerryNobody is excited.  Nobody has any new ideas or inspiration.  In fact, everyone leaves the meeting in a worse mood than before.Do meetings ever work?  Is your manager effective?  Do you believe that your manager and your meetings get in the way of your progress?  Congratulations.  You work for a company.It's not supposed to be this way. Remember?  You took your job as widget account specialist and in the interview process, they said "We have an open door policy. If you have anything on your mind, come see me."  You learn quickly that if you say what's on your mind, your opportunity for growth is cut in half.  They also said "We value your opinion.  This company is always evolving and we welcome your suggestions.  It's a team atmosphere here."  So you voice your opinion at one of these meetings and later that day you are pulled aside and talked to.  "Why would you question me in front of the group?"You quickly learn in business that the quickest way to isolate yourself at your company is to talk.  That's a productivity killer.Managers, this is why you aren't getting the work out of your employees that you expect.  You must be open all of the time to all of the ideas presented to you.  It's not easy to do.  In fact, you require training to make this happen.Sick Puppies Comedy trains companies and individuals on how to accept all ideas, use them, add to them and create a warm and friendly atmosphere that encourages new idea generation.  Imagine what it would be like if you, as a manager, were able to sit back in a meeting and talk 10% of the time while your team effectively spoke 90% of the time and MADE PROGRESS.Why not use a group mind to make your corporate world better instead of dictating the thoughts of one person.Call us at 954-667-7735 or email