Matthew Plummer Joins Sick Puppies Comedy As Technical Director

Sick Puppies Comedy is proud to announce their newest technical director, Matthew Plummer.  These are hard to find, especially in improv since we tend to treat the TD like a character in the show.  They have the ability to end scenes early, create new input during and animate the audience if energy is falling flat.  Matthew is a great friend of Sick Puppies, a talented comedian and a great improviser.  We are lucky to have him as part of the team.Don't let that sour puss fool you.  Matthew is almost all fun and games.Matthew spent his formative years in Indiana rebelling against anything on offer for rebellion. He spent a number of years pretending to be a transgressive artist, but mostly just ended up being a music reviewer. Eventually he found himself living in Florida for a second time, and decided to take a legitimate stab at being an entertainer. He began doing standup comedy in the Summer of 2012 as a way to pass the time before the wold ended. When that didn’t happen he just decided to keep it up until the real eschaton occurs. He began taking classes with the Sick Puppies in the summer of 2013, and everything started getting better. You can find him on stage almost any night of the week. After years spent avoiding being caught on film he's finally almost photo-ready