Dennis Howe to Be "The Beagan" at Sick Puppies Show on Friday!

dennis howe Get your tickets now Folks!  We are very excited to bring you the funny of one of South Florida's funniest people, Dennis Howe.  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW We Tend to Sell Out.Like all good artists, comedian Dennis Howe, AKA D.S. Howe, considered dropping out of school to pursue a career in something he truly loves. And like all good wimps, he waited 3 years after graduation to start pursuing a career in something he truly loves. An avid lover of music, pop culture, nostalgia, and observational humor, Brother Howe decided to make his dive into stand up comedy after a successful set at his older brothers wedding (he was the best man, it was awesome). Despite been fresh on the scene, Young Master Howe has already started to make a name for himself by traveling all around South Florida, hosting his own showcase, and developing his own podcast.He is going to kill this for us!  Come check out Dennis Howe and how he kicks comedic ass!