Juicing The Commander is The Title of Our May 9th Show?

Juicing the Commander, Masticating at a Funeral and Finagling the Eiffel Tower all have what in common?tonysawmirrorYou named them.  Yes, I mean you.  You, being our audience.  It was early March and we thought to ourselves "Hey. We never have any idea what our shows are going to be considering the fact we improvise them and all.  Why not let the crowd pick some names?" And we did.  Oh God help us.  We did.Our upcoming show, "Juicing The Commander", is going to be a more traditional Sick Puppies Comedy feel to it.  We like to stay on our toes so that every single show is fresh.This show will include Stand up comedian, Dennis Howe.  He will be our Beagan this time around.   It makes us happy to see stand up comedy and improv live on the same stage in perfect harmony.Show is at:Showtime Performing Arts Theatre503 SE Mizner BlvdBoca Raton, FL 33432Buy Tickets at www.sickpuppiescomedy.com.  We typically sell out so make sure you purchase ahead of time.