Local Veterinarian: "0 Dogs Have Been Treated For Homework Poisoning"

Boca Raton, FL - Dr. Goldstein of "Pet Doctors" began staffing this year, once again, for the end of school.  "Every year, we hear about dogs eating all types of homework, yet the pets are never brought here for treatment."  Last year Goldstein laid off his entire staff after zero cases of Homework digestion were brought in.  "I figured my telephone staff was ignoring phone calls and my front desk must have been so rude, they turned away business."Hot-Vet-Thinkstock-90262132-590lc020816Goldstein is also releasing commercials this year so that people know exactly where to take their pets in the event the dog eats a notebook, volcano or plant.  "I want to capitalize on this market and yet, I have nothing. I remember being in school myself as a child and hearing all of my friends tell their stories of their puppies and dogs destroying their work."Goldstein later told us about how he wanted to become a dentist at one point in hopes of meeting the tooth fairy so he could cash in all of his baby teeth.