It's Not Abuse, It's Therapy

Have you seen the video about the asshole that scares his girlfriend 22 times?  Yeah, those are two cast members of Sick Puppies Comedy.  Aristotle Georgeson and Adrienne Airhart are founding members of the troupe, but left for Los Angeles last February. [youtube]"People think I'm a piece of shit." If you check out the comments on Youtube or HuffPost or Elite Daily, Aristotle is right.  As an outsider looking in, it's hard not to see that point of view.  However, since we know Adrienne and Aristotle and got a chance to talk to them, it's really just two comedians figuring out another way to get themselves out there in the world."I did this for two reasons" Georgeson says. "1. It was fun and she scares easy. 2. Because she's so skittish it became therapy."10153803_10202750223570594_7000941019089339457_nWait, did he just try to say he did this for her own good?"You're damn right." he continues. "She's like a boxer. You have to train her. I'm training her for the real world""Wait, now I'm a boxer?" Airhart chimes in.So, are you cured now?"No.  In fact, I got scared at work today. It's a commonly known fact that I scare easily.  In fact, people will warn me when someone is about to sneeze.  It's all PTSD induced from when I was 6.  I've had many years of therapy to hide the weirdness.  I used to drop to the ground in fear and am no where near that way anymore."So it's therapeutic for him to scare you?Georgeson hops in to plead his case.  "You'll notice in the progression of the videos that it became harder to scare her.  It took longer. I had to approach her from a distance.  I think it helped."How did it go viral?"I sent it to the websites I wanted to see post it.  I sent it to BroBible where I used to write and they must have forwarded to Elite Daily, where George Takei shared it on FaceBook.  I did email HuffPost so that must be where it came from even though it was a couple of days after I sent it."Airhart: "We were surprised at how much it took off.  Now I'm scared because I fear more and more people are going to scare me."Your Last show with Sick Puppies was February 2013.  What are you up to now?

Adrienne: "We hit the ground running.  Aristotle got a job.  We always have day jobs. Which is different from most comics.  It’s a hindrance, but we have to make that money.  I got picked up on twitter by Patton Oswalt.  He booked me in his show. Which got me more credibility with the comics.  We started our own comedy show on our patio.  We have amazing comics on every show.  Aristotle is the booker for it.  He is business savvy and I bake cookies.

This [viral video] was big for us, but it doesn't really exemplify our comedic abilities.  We’re travelling a lot for comedy and for his company Vapor Clouds.  He caught me smoking a bong on video, but we are entrenched on the weed scene here."Aristotle and Adrienne both shot separate spec pilots.  The year flew by and so much as come to them.Can you talk about your writing and comedy process?Adrienne: "[Do] An average of 5 sets a week.  Double hitting one of those nights.  Not listening to other people. Crying in my car on the way home is very therapeutic.  The more you hate yourself, the better your jokes are.  Lots of self hating.  Not hard to do because I have a full length mirror.  I write everyday.  I’ll tweet a premise.  I write in a notebook when I’m at the club or on an airplane.  We have chill sessions with comics and just talk.  That counts as writing.  Throwing tags at each other.  We do that three times a week."Aristotle.  "I write daily.  My process isn't the same.  Not a lot of crying in the car.  My comedy derives from happiness which is different from most comedians.  When I’m happiest is when I’m doing best on stage.  I feel I’m a better performer than a writer.  It counts whether I'm actually writing or just yelling shit at myself in the car."What is the scene like in Los Angeles?Aristotle: "Here, it’s very rare to see a comedian running their show material at an open mic. So falling back on material is the worst thing you can do.  It’s tougher for lesser known folk to get on shows where you can work on your act.  The path of a comic in Los Angeles is to get on shows in Los Angeles to make a name for yourself when nobody gets paid to do comedy and then tour the country and get onto movies and TV shows for money."We miss our funny puppies, but it looks as though they have a ton of success in their future.  We thank both of them for taking time to catch up and maybe just maybe, you'll see them performing with us again in the short future.