Elizabeth Heller To Perform Her Last Show With The Sick Puppies On Friday

Puppies0416You may have noticed one of our cast members getting stronger, leaner and healthier.  "One member?  You all are so sexy." Ha! Thank you totally fake person I just made up, but I'm specifically referring to Elizabeth Heller: tri-athlete/improviser/friend/actor/singer/dancer.She has made a commitment to her passion of swimming and fitness and wants to make sure there is enough time left in her life for her husband, who is also a magnificent body of art (Casperson's opinion).Friday, April 11th, at 9:30PM will be her last show with us.  We, of course, will beg like dogs to bring her back as a guest from time to time, but when she puts her mind to something, it might as well be in stone.Upon hearing the news, cast member Tony Francis ran his car off of a cliff and was quoted saying "Yes, I'm upset Elizabeth is leaving, but I'm suspicious that she might have cut my brakes."Aniela McGuinness is holding a candlelight vigil: "I want to remember Elizabeth as someone that is dead to me."Obviously the cast is handling it poorly.  Tony Rivera melted all of his barbie dolls; "Now, who's pretty?  Who's pretty now?"  We actually broke the news to Tony after the doll thing.  That dude is weird.Elizabeth won an award for being the happiest cast member in 2013.  Her positive energy, her "Yes and..." attitude and her loyal friendship will never be replaced.  We, at Sick Puppies, are taking a big loss and we will miss her greatly.  She's going to be our "Armando" on Friday, so you don't want to miss it.  She's a great talent and we hope she'll get off of this whole HEALTH FAD and understand that nothing is healthier than rehearsing til 11 at night, then drinking until 3AM four times a month.The Puppies are a family and losing a member is just not fun.  We'll miss you Elizabeth.